About me

Cognitive Psychologist building a passion for learning and student success by day; deep thinker, memory guru, and satisfactory mom by night.

Like many college students, no one ever taught me how to learn. To prepare for a college test I often pulled an all-nighter to cram material the night before, read my notes to memorize material, and highlighted important concepts in a textbook. Little did I know that these strategies do not lead to remembering overtime! I do now, and am on a journey to teach students successful strategies through a program called LEARN.

I am a Cognitive Psychologist and have been teaching and doing research with undergraduates for 15 years. I have always been passionate about understanding my thoughts. I recently found a book from my childhood called, “Thinking.” It excites me to read it now with my two young boys and discover how much we have learned about cognition and the brain in the thirty years since that book was written. 

I am also committed to teach students about how memory works. Most of us feel like our memories are not very good! Here through video and blog posts I share ideas about the things we can do to improve our memory and learning — everyday.

Having a better everydaymemory can be done by committing to three ideas:

  1. Understand that having a “good” memory takes effort
  2. Be willing to pay more attention in everyday life
  3. Abandon strategies that do not promote remembering

Join me here as I explore some of the most interesting aspects of memory and memory improvement from my teaching own research. 

What is your memory like today?

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