When I tell people I am a memory researcher and a college professor teaching a Human Memory course I most often hear, “I have a terrible memory.” Then I tell them the disappointing news — “me too.” After the sideways look, I usually say that we all feel our memories are not as good as we’d like them to be but that there are several things we can do to improve memory — everyday.

Here I’d like to share ideas on Human Memory to help take some of the mystery out of one of our most important human experiences. All that is needed of you, my students, or that unfortunate soul who sits next to me on an airplane is two resources: 1.) An understanding that having a “good” memory takes effort 2.) The willingness to pay more attention in everyday life.

Join me in learning more about Human Memory as I bring out some of the most interesting aspects of memory and memory improvement from my teaching and general research in the field.

Let’s take some time to consider how we can better use our memory, everyday!

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