Social Media Damages Memory Accuracy

Have you ever looked at vacation pictures and felt more connected to the picture itself than the actual memory of the vacation? We often are too connected to our phone and social media during fun experiences like vacation that we end up sacrificing our memory. That’s right, memory researchers have found that the more you take pictures or focus on posting about our experiences on social media, the less detail you actually remember. Unless you are hoping to catch an award-winning photo, put the phone down and let your memory capture the sights and sounds of life’s memorable experiences.

Want More Information on Media Use and Memory?

Resnick, B. (2018, March 28). What smartphone photography is doing to our memories. Sharing photos may subtly change what — and how — we remember. Vox.

Tamir, D. I., Templeton, E. M., Ward, A. F. & Zaki, J. (2018). Media usage diminishes memory for experiences,
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 76, 161-168,

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